CETI integrates digital textile innovation as a source of competitiveness and growth for brands.

Design / Co-creation materials and products.

Zero waste design

  • Rethinking the creative process.
  • Designing products differently.
  • Analyzing the savings in material consumption.


  • Capitalizing on the customer experience.
  • Co-creating with the client.
  • Integrate the data collected.

Smart & Eco-responsible high-end brand materials and products

  • Defining the steps and partners.
  • Studying the feasibility of prototyping through to industrialization.

3D collaboration/ Product development.

The design office, decision center

  • Rethinking the creative and product validation process.
  • Developing skills with CAD and PIM software.

3D Prototyping

  • Visualizing 3D creations.
  • Accelerating validation and decision making.
  • Reducing costs and increase efficiency.

Virtual reality

  • Discovering the ease of remote collaboration.
  • Gaining in immediate understanding of requests.

Personalization / Industrialization.

Fashion on demand

  • Validating customization requests.
  • Understanding the benefits and integrate it into the collection process.
  • Assistance in the transfer of skills and organisation.

Process and supply-chain traceability

  • Integrating the flow traceability process throughout the entire value chain (RFID,…).

Retail / Customer experiences.

Accompagny to the scenarii of client experiences

  • Using the connected shop to test customer behaviour.
  • Analyzing business data to propose new services.

Virtual reality

  • Testing co-creation with a community of consumers.

Augmented reality

  • Testing augmented reality on products and build your sales argument.

Marketing and sales development

  • Decrypting the benefits of the 4.0 approach applied to textile and fashion

Customer references.



Fabienne Hindré, Circularity Design 4.0 Manager