CETI offers two distance learning courses adapted to the Textile and Fashion industry. These training courses, dedicated to creative people, allow you to discover the fundamentals of Illustrator and the creation of a virtual CLO3D model.

Fundamentals of Illustrator – Beginners

Acquire mastery of software and develop best practices around the Adobe® Suite.

The objective of this training is to learn how to make flat sketches (Style or Technique) on Illustrator using the proposed tools and functions useful in the fashion industry.

Sketches – Technical data sheets – Printing – Colouring – Image management

Creation of a virtual CLO3D model

Apprehend the Clo3D software to be autonomous in the realization of a basic 3D model and create variants for new products.

The objective of this training is to know how to build a 3D prototype from a 2D pattern (.DXF format) and to master both the volume and the finishes: materials, components and colouring.

Design – Avatar – Materials – 3D Modeling – Colouring


Chloé Vasseur is at your disposal to answer all your questions: chloe.vasseur@ceti.com

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