Born of a strong political will, driven by the Up-Tex competitiveness cluster, the CETI embodies the commitment of an entire Region and Eurométropole to boost the textile industry of the future. The CETI is inaugurated in 2012 thanks to the mobilization of actors in the sector and the State financial support, Lille Metropole Urban Community, Nord Region Pas-de-Calais, Europe, Hauts de France.

CETI serves businesses to encourage and accelerate innovation. It is a place for designing, experimenting, prototyping and industrializing new products, materials and processes adapted to the needs of the global industry. CETI collaborates with producers, major brands and distributors of fashion, sports, luxury and technical textiles.

The CETI’s ambition is to propose solutions to the societal challenges related to Sustainable Development, to transform the entire sector and: minimize its environmental footprint, make smart technologies accessible, integrate digital transformation into the business lines, develop value ecosystems and deploy new business model (economy of functionality, circular economy).



“act as if it were impossible to fail” – Winston Churchill

That is the state of mind of our teams, always ready to face the challenges offered by our clients. With our multiple expertise and partnerships, we know how to bring innovations of rupture by demonstrating pugnacity and pragmatism.


We maintain close and friendly relations with our clients. We are committed to supporting their teams step by step, offering tailor-made solutions to ensure the success of projects. We remain agile and responsive to respond to business concerns, human issues and guarantee the confidentiality of results.


Proximity and ambition are the two pillars of the quality of our services, which are reflected in:

  • The high level of technologies made available.
  • The experience, expertise and proactive force of our employees (Engineer, technician, business developer,..).
  • Relevance of reports and results.