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CETI is currently participating with other partners in the REWIND project on cotton recycling and up-cycling in the form of yarn. This project is financed by ADEME. The problem of dismantling (extraction of hard points) is one of the technological locks to be removed to validate this objective. This operation is now carried out manually and represents a significant cost in the recycling operation.


In order to remove this technological barrier, CETI and ICAM participated in the DELISS project, which aimed to automate the delisting stage. The end of the DELISS project in April 2019 DELISS ended in April 2019 and generated a study report presenting the recommendations, limits and expected performance of a delisting installation.

This new project under the name of AUTODELISS aims to take up the conclusions of the DELISS project to prepare the subsequent realization of a prototype to validate the automation of the dismantling.


To make the state of the art of delisting solutions. In particular, it has been shown that there is no automated or semi-automated delisting machine. When it is done, the delissage is exclusively carried out manually in countries with low labour costs.

To formalize 2 different scenarios: one extracting the hard points on the whole garment, the other extracting the hard points after cutting the garments into smaller pieces.

To determine different technological bricks to be combined to allow delissage:

  • Detection of hard points, contaminants and seams
  • Cutting of hard points, contaminants and seams
  • Extraction and separation of hard points, contaminants and seams
  • To highlight the difficulty of detecting and therefore extracting the seams.
  • To look for suppliers of technological solutions for the different components of the process.
  • Evaluate the technological maturity of these potential solutions
  • Evaluate the cost price and the technical-economic impact on the up-cycling process

The DELISS project made it possible to define the main functions or characteristics of the delisting process and to experimentally validate elements of the technology in isolation. It leads to a proof of concept of the TRL3 level process. 

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