Pascal Denizart (General Director) and Gilles Damez (President) 

Textiles are an “empathetic” ground for innovation since they are spontaneously associated with a strong, reassuring imagery. By their nature, they facilitate the appropriation and integration of high-level
technologies on an everyday basis. From their use in intimate contexts to the role they play in public spaces, textiles are present everywhere.

Today the CETI’s engineering strengths in the research and development of advanced textiles legitimize its European leadership and position it as one of the Top 5 technical centers worldwide.

This textile intelligence also helps companies find answers to current challenges in society as well as addressing the many needs of individuals.
It is worth noting that the revolution brought about by the advent of digital and smart technologies is making a strong impact on the future of the textile industry. Thus the CETI adds a digital dimension to materials and
products while helping explore this area in terms of client experience.

In the same way, the optimization of the environmental footprint of textiles that integrates eco-conception and their ability to participate in a circular economy is at the heart of the CETI’s current developments.

For all these axes of progress, prototyping is the DNA of our organization while our associated Material, Digital and Sustainable Development platforms help prove the pertinence of each concept by actually putting it in work.

These advances, that hybrid innovation and added value for society, help energize local economies and develop close-proximity production with small and mid-sized (PME) French companies while giving projects an international scope and promoting “French Tex”.