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Microfiltration & Ultrafiltration

CLARIFIL project/ Elaboration of new filtering mediums with sustainable use to clarify liquids.

Alternative products with micro-filtration or ultra-filtration membranes for ecotoxicological challenges and reuse.
The drinks industry, as with a significant number of other industries (chemical, pharmaceutical, food, water and used water treatments) uses many steps for filtration. Today treatment, salvaging and waste have become strategic challenges. CLARIFIL is inscribed in an eco-innovative approach to develop alternatives to classic filtration additives using bio-sourced materials as well as microfiltration membranes by proposing composite, nonwoven, fibrous media with a porosity greater than 60% using sub-micronic filaments. CLARIFIL develops solutions to replace diatomites and microfiltration membranes in order to propose a more sustainable filtration (economically and ecologically).

Markets for application
The drinks sector including beer, orange juice, sodas … and the water treatment sector for an increased filtration return of over 50%.

CETI added value
Validate implementing new fibrous mediums and perfect filters for sustainable liquids (performance and life cycle) using its nonwoven spunlaid pilot lines (Meltblown).

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