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Anti-staining and antimicrobial textile

the Interreg France-Wallonia-Flanders project "Duratex"

The objective

Development of ecofriendly fluorine free hydro- and oleophobic and silver free antimicrobial textiles for durable applications in construction and architecture. The developed methodologies will comply to the requirements of the textile industry, will be ecological and applicable with the existing equipment.
The future European regulations which will ban the use of fluorocarbons (C8) as well as the use of certain biocides toxic to the environment such as (nano)silver, will be taken into account.
Three approaches will be envisaged to obtain water and oil repellent properties:

  • Deposition of nanofibres via layer-by-layer (LbL) technology and chemical modification based on branched hydrocarbons
  • sol-gel hybrid layers  
  • layer deposition by local solution-reprecipitation using green solvents.

Furthermore, biobased or non-toxic biocides will be incorporated in coatings and yarns to obtain antibacterial properties.
Added value of CETI : The expertise and equipment of CETI are used to test on a pilot scale the formulations developed in the project. The pilot melt-spinning equipment offer the opportunity to test the formulations using innovative configuration of bi-component filaments which are used to combine the properties of twos polymers.

The Duratex project is financed within the Interreg V program France-Wallonia-Flanders, a crossborder collaboration program with financial support of the European Fund for Regional Development, and co-financed by the province West Flanders and the Walloon Region.

For further informatios, please visit the official website DURATEX