Compounding and rheology pilote line

Our expertise in compounding.

Our team is highly experienced in compounding a wide array of specialty fillers and additives for the development of new and cost-effective polymeric materials. We have already handled powders, fibers, flakes and liquids using both standard melt compounding.

Our solutions.

Advanced polymer compounding applications:

  • Si02, Ti02 and Carbon-based composites
  • Formulation of both Bio-Based and Biodegradable materials (e.g., PLA, PHA, PBAT, etc)
  • Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR)
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Fluoropolymer compounding (e.g., PTFE)

Determination of the rheological properties of materials

Studies of rheometry especially designed for materials development, quality control and both extrusion and injection molding simulations; COMPUPLAST® Virtual Extrusion Laboratory™ and Moldflow.

What makes us different?

A compounding team made up of engineers with 10+ years of diverse experience; process optimization and development, materials development, pilot plant and manufacturing experience.

Our technologies caracteristics.

ZSK 26 Mc COPERION is the ideal co-rotating twin screw compounder for the reliable scale-up to larger production quantities

  • Temperature max 450°C
  • 4 gravimetric dosing units; 3 for pellets and 1 side unit for powder/fibers.
  • 1 BRABENDER liquid system
  • 1 Compact vacuum unit, 18 m3/h at 100mbar
  • Production up to 60 Kg/h

RH2000 Rheometer

Our twin bore RH2000 rheometer is capable of most testing requirements encountered in capillary rheometry. It works when high shear rates are required.

  • Shear rate ranges from 0.1 to 107 s-1
  • Temperature ranges from ambient to 500°C

Our case study.

Polymer compatibility – Blending => Advanced formulation to develop hightech textile.

Part of Photonitex project, this innovating textile will be able to dynamically control the human body temperature in cold as well as in hot weather. Besides providing the personal thermal comfort, these textiles can potentially replace the conventional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems that consumes huge amount of energy and cause the global warming.

Our customer references.


Our customer approach.

Thanks to our knowledge of textile materials and processes, we help companies identify the best choice in terms of materials and manufacturing processes. Our platforms are equiped to carry out pilot and semi-industrial tests, in the prototyping phase, in order to transfer the optimal solutions at the level of an industrial production scale. Our textile ecosystem also allows us to find appropriate partners, suppliers and producers.
With our strong customer-focused approach, our customers can often come & participate in the formulation and compounding of its materials.

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