Mono, bi- and tri-component spinning platform – From functionalized polymer to performance fiber.

Our expertise in materials and products.

Processing of fibrous materials with high added value

Our customer approach.

Thanks to our knowledge of textile materials and processes, we help companies identify the best choice in terms of materials and manufacturing processes. Our platforms are equipped to carry out pilot and semi-industrial tests, in the prototyping phase, in order to transfer the optimal solutions at the level of an industrial production scale. Our textile ecosystem also allows us to find appropriate partners, suppliers and producers.

Nos technologies.

COMPOUNDING: Functionalization of polymers

Extrusion-compound is a process that allows the mixing of one plastic material with another, or with additives, in order to obtain a functionalized plastic material with physical characteristics, thermal or aesthetic.

Technical Sheet Compounding

MELT-SPINNING: Transformation of polymers into high-performance fibres.

The tri composant filament pilot line offers the possibility of producing mono, bi and tri composant continuous filaments. Each filament can contain up to 3 co-extruded thermoplastic materials.

Technical Sheet – Melt spinning

CRIMPING & CUTTING: conversion in fibers.

The fibre transformation line converts continuous multifilament from the filament into short strands, as in the case of natural fibres. These fibres can then be fed into the processes of formation of sails in dry mode (CARD or AIRLAY), in spinning or as loads.

Technical Sheet Fibre-converting-Line


Mélanie Monceaux, R&D Engineer – Chef de projet senior

Mélanie Monceaux R&D Engineer – Responsible for the development of the textile materials activity