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Futurotextiles 3 2012-2014

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Please come and discover the new FUTUROTEXTILES#3 exhibition, special event for the CETI inauguration and FANTASTIC 2012 programme !

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FUTUROTEXTILES 3 (2012-2014)

Lille3000 is designing a brand new exhibition to be displayed on the occasion of the CETI opening. It will be part of the FANTASTIC season in Lille and fater in Paris at the 'Cité des Sciences'. It will then become a touring module.
New materials, ultra-light, surprising lace, will be at the heart of the exhibition. It will include fashion, design, contemporary art and industrial objects, and will focus on bio-textiles, smart textiles, recycling and composite materials.The exhibition will be organised following different fields : geotextiles, architecture, transports, housing and furniture as well as sports, protection, medecine and well being... In relation with Lille Design and Futex, Design will be a major part of the exhibition.


Lille3000 is looking for new prototypes and products.
The aim is to illustrate the latest applications, research and development in innovative textiles.

Press release 1 :  |French Version   |English Version   |The Netherlands Version

Press release 2 :  |French Version   |English Version

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