The Lofty Spunbound: With Hills Inc., the world leader in multi-component wiring, CETI has chosen to invest in Spunbond, Meltblown and melt-spinning technologies from the beginning. Since its first partnership with the manufacturer in 2015, CETI has been working with Hills Inc. and its international customers on the prototyping of new bi-component lofty Spunbond nonwovens, giving them insulation properties, absorption, filtration, resilience, lightness. This new range of three-dimensional spunbond nonwovens can cover many needs in a wide variety of markets.


The CETI was addressed by DECATHLON on cotton, whose cost is expected to increase by 17% by 2018. Cotton has a poor environmental footprint (pesticides, water consumption, high price) but an unsurpassed soft quality, its recycling offers a real added value.
While clothing sourcing is mainly in Asia, the consumer is for many Europeans, hence the interest in renewing this post consumer fibre. It is in this process that CETI is committed to the new REWIND project, “Reinventing the end-of-life of cotton textile articles to design more responsible textile collections”. An operation carried out with the assistance of the Investments of future of the State entrusted to the ADEME and co-financed by the European Metropole of Lille. This project is a consortium that brings together the main actors for the creation of a new “recycled” textile industry in France. There are several major industrial players, TDV INDUSTRIES, DECATHLON and textile machine manufacturer LAROCHE, and two research and innovation players, the CETI- European Centre for Innovative Textiles and the ICAM engineering school.

Okaïdi – ÏDKIDS Group

Okaïdi, member of the ÏDKIDS brand community and the CETI share the same ambition: to create a circular economy around cotton in order to reduce the environmental impact of this raw material known to be one of the most polluting and water-consuming. In 2017, they jointly launched a textile innovation project based on the recycling of used cotton clothing, obtaining a yarn that meets the qualitative and economic standards of Okaïdi, and that can be woven or knitted by its partners.


Envision the future design office that will allow for a collaborative rethinking of the value chain by placing the client at the heart of the strategy.

Evolve and accelerate the design of fashion textile (material) products (finished clothing products) and accessories.

Strengthening competitiveness by enabling the faster marketing of innovative products, reinvent co-creation with the consumer and eliminate customer/supplier divisions in favour of a lasting collaborative relationship.

Capitalize on new consumption patterns through social networks, the Internet, mobility and new experiences expected by the consumer.


Thermobonded carde: With ANDRITZ, the world leader in nonwoven training and consolidation technologies, CETI chose in 2012 to invest in technologies for carding, needling, hydrobonding, calendering and impregnation of nonwovens.
Since 2017, ANDRITZ PERFOJET and the CETI have intensified their collaboration by formalizing a new partnership through the establishment at the CETI of a flat oven, specific to carded light sails and in line with bi-component Spunbond technology.
This partnership enables the two entities to develop new high-loft carded nonwovens, particularly for the hygiene market.
This new nonwoven consolidation technology enables CETI to cover more than 90% of the technologies used in the industry today.


The CETI and TDV Industries accompany textile manufacturers, collector sorters, fashion brands, professional equipment and furniture in their efforts to reduce their environmental impact.
By joining forces, the TDV Industries Group and CETI create the REPS consortium. REPS offers a global solution for the production of a new range of eco-designed products. The combination of industrial strength and R&D force, process automation that brings speed, efficiency, technical depth as well as equipment designed and created with the aim of treating short fibre, REPS offers a response to its clients’ responsible commitment approach.