Textile & Fashion design 4.0 platform :

CETI’s workshop space aims to promote the discovery and experimentation of 4.0 technologies, used for the creation of products and materials, digitalization of processes and prototyping, of all innovative products based on new behavioral experiences of consumers.

The objective is to enable the various companies in the textile industry to start the right turns in this transformation of traditional activities. “Surrounded by business experts, CETI positions itself as a demonstrator and beta tester, in order to facilitate brand decision-making and be a catalyst for the fashion sector of tomorrow.”

  • Co-creation workshop: : “Fostering creativity and strengthening your brand identity”.
  • Prototyping workshop: : “Facilitating technique and collaboration to spend more time on creation”.
  • Connected Shop: : “Discover new tools to re-engage the customer experience”.

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Recycling platform :

Added value Product / Process :

  • From fabric to fiber
  • From fiber to yarn – Upcycling
  • From fiber to nonwoven – Downcycling

Improved environmental performance

  • Textiles for technical use
  • Fashion and luxury
  • Professional clothing and PPE

Improved environmental performance

  • Second life of the product
  • Removal of dye step
  • Production in court circuit
  • Maximizing the amount of recycled fibre in the final product

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Mono , bi and tri component melt-spinning platform :

  • Developing conductive filaments

  • Prototyping of functionalized filaments

  • Add properties to fibre core

  • Functionalization of polymers

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Nonwovens platform

CETI provides a world-unique capacity for the production of textile composite demonstrators thanks to the flexibility of the configuration of its nonwoven “melt-shaped” and “dry-laid” lines.

  • Multi-components textile structure, recycled and bio sourced materials.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation panels based on recycled fibres and foams.
  • Filtering media for blood filtration
  • 3D Nonwovens.
  • Range of products based on ultra-fine fibres.
  • Development of new natural resources (pineapple leaves, rice plants).

The flexible configuration of the dry and melt-shaped pilot lines allows for more than 150 possible combinations. In addition, the nonwoven technology platform integrates 90% of binding technologies.

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