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Launch of the ON DEMAND FOR GOOD platform

The CETI gives a boost to the transition of the textile-clothing sector towards local, sustainable and digital fashion.

In the second half of 2021, CETI will open ON DEMAND FOR GOOD, a unique platform in Europe, equipped with a complete range of fully synchronized industrial solutions and tools, to operate from a single location, all stages of the on-demand production chain: from the analysis of market data and consumer needs, to the eco-design of materials and garments, customization and then on-demand production through a new industrial marketplace favouring Made in France.

This platform is the result of 3 years of R&D carried out by CETI to develop the technological, economic and industrial models of “on demand” fashion.

“There will be no reindustrialization without a technological surge. France must invest in innovation to regain its national sovereignty. In the textile sector, the challenges are considerable: manufacturing new recycled materials on our own land and producing locally in a short circuit. Thanks to our technological investments, France now has shared tools to implement this textile revolution and make it an industrial success. We are paving the way to act collectively and build new sustainable business models together. ”

states Pascal Denizart, CEO at CETI.

This first European platform for on demand design and manufacturing is available to all brands, retailers and manufacturers, contact Fabienne Hindré to find out more.

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