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Meltblown & Spunbond Advanced Courses

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February 20-21, 2019

Go a step further than the intermediate course to focus on understanding the various production parameters in nonwoven manufacturing, and how these can be used to modify product properties in the areas of Meltblown and Spunbond. Process engineers, product managers are invited to capitalize on CETI’s world-class facilities which features a unique range of combinations of web-forming and bonding machinery.

Frame SPUNMELT AdvancedCourses

This training objective is to improve the technical skills of R&D teams to better understand the behavior of fibers through the process of Meltblown & spunbond and consolidating webs. It is also designed to help them perfect technical explanations to meet their clients’ needs. On day 2, the participant will participate on a trial with CETI teams on the nonwoven prototyping platform.




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